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The Evolution of a Queen

She inspired with her words, and she lived her heart.
So many people ...
so many lives ...
so many disappointments ...
so many set backs ...
so much loss...
so much heartache.

Still, healing is in the midst. 
Healing is happening. 
Forgiveness is imminent.
Victory is in the air.

A change is coming ...
with it comes her opportunity to discard years of insecurity ...
years of bondage ...
years of doubt ...
years of putting up with other people's ambivalence and her own.

It is peeling back layers of bad counsel.
It is discarding years of self-shame.
It is letting go of the junk that has clouded her vision.
It is stepping out of her comfort zone.
It is the revelation of who she is in God. 
This change is a transforming change.
It is birthing jubilance.
It is budding hope.
This change is pushing her toward the only opinion that really matters.
Warm, tender, and sweet;
yet, firm, consistent and whole.
God centers her.
He wraps His mercy and grace around her imperfections.
His Holy Spirit seeds her solace and sparks her resilience.
His affirming Word challenges her to be her best self.
It reminds her of His love ...
and she surrenders.

Walking tall ...
scripture guided ...
unshackled and free ...
she embraces His will and lives confidently in Him.

written by Lynn Pinder
copyright 2014

NOTE:  Seeking "original" artwork/visual images to accompany the official release of this poem.  If you are an artist or graphic designer, feel free to submit your image to by July 30, 2014.  Although you will not receive any monetary gain in exchange for the use of your artwork/visual images - if your submission wins - it will be included as part of the "official" release of the poem, "The Evolution of a Queen."  Additionally, your photo, name and/or business name/logo will accompany your image as part of the "official" release of the poem.   
Lynn Pinder
Author, Consultant, Educator and Entrepreneur